Indians are still stuck on Priyanka’s Met ball look.

In recent days, the legendary event of the Met Ball took place. It’s not just an event filled with celebrities far and near, it’s also one of the most fashionable nights of the year and not to mention, each penny raised this night is for a charitable cause. This year was a nod to the theme Camp: Notes on Fashion. Undeniably, this year like each year past, celebrities marched in avant-garde fashion statements and amongst these celebrities were the two major actresses with vast Indian roots.

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra each strutted in with their over-the-top glamorous outfits and all of us back home in India were cheering. While people praised both the dresses, Chopra’s dress was met with a lot of criticism and a ton of memes.

Priyanka walked down the red carpet with her husband Nick Jonas and needless to say, hearts were melting left and right knowing that this was their three year meetaversary.

Priyanka wore a customized Dior gown to set up the volume for the carpet. Not only did she amplify the theme, she also went colourful with a silver gown and other multi-colored ruffled feathers. A high split, an elegant cape and a crown on top of her head touched up the whole outfit. Her ensemble included a lovely top with a crisscross pattern styled by Mimi Cuttrell.

Now, while all of this may come off as beautiful pieces put together however, there were numerous trolls on the internet who had, in likely Indian fashion, something to say.

These memes and tweets criticizing Chopra’s outfit are a true outrage to what the Met realty stands for: being one’s self: loud and proud. The backlash she’s facing isn’t justified and really makes one question that if celebrities like the former Miss world and actress can be mocked so much for standing true towards the Camp theme this year, then are we really as a country progressing towards a free expressing nation not just for the celebrities but for the common public?

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